Friday, July 19, 2024

About us

Throughout the long years of involvement in hunting, fishing, and other outdoors activities, I have discovered that many aspects of my life are inter-linked with nature. My passion for the outdoors began as a child of eight years of age, and grew in me through out my military service and with every hunting or fishing trip I made. It was, in the marshes of “Mesopotamia” where I first felt being as part of that magnificent nature.

I had the privilege of serving in the Iraqi army after graduation from Abingdon Parachuting School, and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and attended other courses in UK. The inherent capabilities and the integral experience of field craft, endurance, and physical fitness gained through the military service; allowed me to apply my knowledge wisely in my outdoors activities.


The wonderful active service experience in the army enabled me to see closely many parts of northern, central, and southern Iraq and provided me with a high standard of terrain knowledge. After retirement in 1979, I found my self involved in the International trading and shipping business. My new business enabled me to visit so many countries of magnificent wildlife such as Tanzania, Kenya, Sri-Lanka, Ukraine, Egypt, Sudan, Burundi, Turkey, Yemen, Libya and United Arab Emirates as well as most of European countries.

Nature in Arabia is so unique and so different, and until recently was so rich with many species of wildlife. Today, the increasing threats to the wild places urged me to start, as an individual with determination, and with a strong desire to leave something behind. It is our duty to secure the future of waterfowl and other wildlife species that live, or winter in Arabia. I have just finished writing my book about hunting in Iraq.

I do not have a strategic plan; yet, I have a dream to see all those concerned, work on science-based projects for waterfowl, and other wildlife species. I am committed to continue doing every possible to see that my dream become a reality. I call upon hunters, outdoors lovers, and all those who enjoy the benefit of a healthy environment to lend a helping hand.

A H. Al samarraie,
MA war studies, retired col.