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Choosing the right bait for your freshwater fishing can make the world difference between success and failure. Freshwater fish will eat almost anything that they find while foraging about on the lake or river bed. I have caught fish with different types of bait. The most convenient for "Barbus Sharpeyi" (BINNI),"B. Xanthopterus" (Kitan), and "Cyprinus Carpio"(Carp) is the 'boiled dough'.

1.Boiled dough with flavours:

How to make a boiled dough?
Make a soft dough (mixing a cup of (brown) wheat flour, with half a cup of corn starch and enough water) Kneed to make a firm dough, flatten to 1 inch thick. Place into boiling water for a few minutes or until it is cooked throughout. Take out of the water and allow it to cool down.

As soon as it is cold enough to be handled, knead and add flavours such as:
- Fresh egg.
- Curry powder.
- Drops of fish blood


Mix together and knead the dough to firm up. Always keep the daugh moisted by wrapping it with wet cloth and aluminum foil. It can be stored for a few days in the refrigerator for later trips, but remember; stale dough does not stay on the hook as good as a fresh one This is the best bait for all above species. Don’t forget to cover the entire hook when using dough.

Freshwater fishing in Iraq is generally regarded to be the best during the months from May until September. There are many other types of bait other than boiled dough when used on the right time.

2. Earth warm
3. Pieces of small fish
4. Live "Liza abu" (khishni) hooked from the tailend (for big fish)
5. Fresh chiken meat.
6. Chiken intestines.
7. Night crawlers, flying insects such as locust,grasshopper, or cokoroach

Some fishermen use pieces of un pealed suger-melon specially for "B.Crypus"(Shabout)or even half-boiled potatos for,"B. Xanthopterus" (Kitan). As for "Asalus eorase" (Shilik)any shiny white artificial bait will be a killer. For the "Barbus luteus" (Himri), boiled dough,grasshopper, or shrimps could be used. While "Silurus triostegus"(djirri)eats any thing and everything at any time.

Brakish water baits

The best bait to be used according to my experience is "Srimps".For smaller fish, move the hard skin and cut to small pieces.Use a whole shrimp for big fish. Small life fish are used as baits as well.