Friday, July 19, 2024

Grey partridge

Grey partridge Perdix perdix

· Length: 10 inches
· Sexes similar
· Stocky, ground-dwelling partridge with short, rounded wings
· Grayish-brown bird without bright markings
· Short, thick, pale bill
· Tawny cinnamon face with uncrested brown crown and ear patch
· Gray nape and breast with fine, dark vermiculations
· Brown back and upperwings
· Reddish-brown bars on flanks
· Rufous outer tail feathers visible in flight
· Male has dark brown patch on center of belly, female has smaller or absent marking
· Immatures similar to adults but have yellow rather than blue-gray feet

Similar species:
Chukar has red bill, black eye line and necklace, and black bars on flanks. Northern Bobwhite has different face pattern and is smaller with a grayish tail in flight.Life History Groupings

Migration Status:Permanent resident
Breeding Habitat:N/A
Nest Location:N/A
Nest Type:N/A
Clutch Size: 8-15
Length of Incubation: 23-25 days
Days to Fledge: 13-15
Number of Broods: 1
Almost Exclusively:
· Seeds
Lesser Quantities of:
· Insects